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Monterey Park rehab therapist with an elderly resident

Monterey Park Convalescent is truly heaven sent. I can’t say enough about how loving and caring the nurses and staff have been with my mother and my family throughout the years. My mom has dementia and she is always welcome back to Monterey Park Convalescent with open arms when extra care is needed. To have a safe, clean, no-worry care facility for my mom is a blessing beyond words. The vibe here is so peaceful and loving. I am forever grateful for Ms B, Ms Paula & Ms Letty just to name a few, the nurses are top notch. I don’t know what we’d do without the support Monterey Park Convalescent has shown us. If you have a family member or loved one needing care, rest assured, this place is absolutely gold.

Marlena R.

5-star, Yelp Review

I’ve been here twice, and the therapy team has been excellent in helping me get stronger. They all work hard together, a special thank you to Priscilla in occupational therapy and Brian in physical therapy! As far as cleanliness the cleaning crew does an amazing job with making sure everything is nice and clean! The caregivers are all excellent as well ! Overall I highly recommend this place for your loved one!

Jerry C.

5-star, Yelp Review

Hello, my name is Alicia Chaney. I highly recommend this facility for many reasons, my mother Teresa Viveros is at this facility. She’s very well known as Teresita. I am very grateful for all of the staff they all treat my mother with dignity, respect, and so much love for her even though my mother Gets mad sometimes because she has dementia and she starts saying bad words to all the staff, but even then they put up with her bad behavior, they understand her condition I’m so grateful for all and everyone at this facility Miss B is very understanding and loving, she treats people like if they are her family This place has so much love for all the patients that I have told my siblings that when it’s time for me to find a home I want to be here. I’m already 62 years old and this is the place I want to be, every time I need help with anything regarding my mother they always there for me. Recently I had a big problem with her insurance it was terminated. I was in panic. I called Rosemary from financial at this facility and ask her for help. She responded right away and helped me with patience and love. It took her three days to fix this mess, but she fix it, she was very patient with me. I’m so grateful for Rosemary. Thank you so much for helping me with mom insurance Rosemary. God bless you again I highly recommend Monterey Park convalescent home my future, please.


5-star, Google Review

My grandmother was admitted to this facility last month and I have no words to say except thank you to all the staff! They’re very responsive to every request my grandmother and family had. It was easy to communicate with the staff. The energy at this facility is very welcoming. You can tell all staff care for their patients. My family and I are very grateful for all the care my grandmother received. I want to say thank you to activities (Mabel and Gladys). My grandmother raves about the activities, especially your lively music. Also, Ms. Bi ( social worker) is very helpful in finding all equipment we need for my grandmother upon discharge. We definitely recommend this facility to those who are looking in Monterey Park.

Jazlyn K.

Yelp Review

Monterey Park Convalescent Hospital is truly a gem to the community. You can tell that the people who works here are remarkably compassionate, accommodating, and professional. Staff are phenomenal, genuinely cares about the residents and takes pride in their work. They treat them with respect and go above and beyond in their patient care.

Another positive note, the facility is clean, organized, and well-maintained. A true example of what a convalescent hospital should be.

I highly recommend this facility to all who are looking for an exceptional services for their loved ones.

Heggie A.

Yelp Review

Where do I even begin with Monterey Park Convalescent Hospital? Everyone from the happy smiles at the front desk, to the outstanding nursing staff & assistants, to the exceptional rehab team, the wonderful dietary department and everyone in between! My aunt received top-notch care and attention in this healthcare facility. Shout out to Sarah, Omar, Letty and Ms. Bi for running the place with the utmost kindness, professionalism, excellence and superlative knowledge! My aunt’s experience at MPCH has been so smooth from beginning to the end. I am grateful beyond words for all the love and care that we experienced in this facility! They deserve all the stars in the universe and not just five! Thank you so much for everything!

Charmie J.

Yelp Review

My family appreciates the service the Business Office Manager Rosemarie Griego provides. Whenever we have a need or concern, she is always available to help us. In fact, a lot of the time she contacts us directly with issues that need our immediate attention. She even takes work home in the evening and on weekends. Rosemarie really goes the extra mile, and she is the reason my family recommends this facility to anyone.

Angela M.

5-star, Google Review

The social worker Bi at that Hospital is exceptional. Very hard working person. She gets there early and leaves late and cares about all the people she cares for.

The nurses at station two were also very helpful and concerned about my friend.

Paul B.

5-star, Yelp Review

My mother suffered her second stroke earlier last year.  I needed to find a nursing home to provide rehab & long term care.  I researched facilities
on the internet and found Monterey Park Convalescent Hospital.  It had a 5 star MediCare rating.  

Spoke with Jennier Quan who gave me a tour and the lowdown of the facility.  She was very friendly and reassuring, not just to me but to the residents as well.  Lena, the head nurse, is very caring and compassionate.  She treats her staff like family.  Cooks and caters meals for staff at her own expense.  I was invited to partake as well.  This facility is clean and bright.  Staff is friendly and caring.  

It’s been almost a year now and I’m so happy that I found this place.  It’s given me a good deal of comfort and peace of mind with the care and attention my mom is receiving.  My mom rehab’d in a couple of other nursing homes and no place is perfect but I highly recommend this place.

Kato K.

Yelp Review

This facility is clean, very friendly and knowledgeable personnel. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone who is looking for a place for any family member or friend. Their case worker, Bi is awesome and very helpful. Thank you all for making my mom’s stay so much easier.

Jo W.

Google Review

My mother is a resident here, she receives therapy here both PT and OT. Our goal is to get her back home and all the therapist are working hard to do so. I see her getting better and better everyday. A special thank you to the therapist Priscilla who is helping my mother get back to daily activities of living! Best rehab team iv met! Thank you to everyone at Monterey Park Convalescent!!

Herbert L.

Yelp Review

I came by this facility to visit my mom’s family friend and I was amazed how well kept and clean this place was. This place completely changed my perspective of what I thought of a “nursing home” is. All the residents there are happy and all the staff have a smile on their face and I can feel their compassion for healthcare! Our family friend was in great shape because of the excellent care provided and we were so happy for the progress she has made in therapy. Monterey Park Convalescent is truly a an amazing place for your loved ones and is nothing short of a wonderful establishment.

John T.

Yelp Review

My friend’s Dad came here for rehab on a weekend and they got him started on therapy the next day.  He went home two weeks later.  Great Staff, great place, great people.

Arty A.

Yelp Review

I had my grandma stay at this facility for two weeks and I have nothing but the best to say about their employees and the care.  My grandma had a knee replacement surgery at Garfield Hospital and she needed a place for rehab.  We went and toured and were impressed with how clean the facility was.  The staff was very friendly.  We were very happy with the overall care and especially happy that my grandma recuperated so quickly and was home with us in no time.  If you are looking for a really good and efficient PT/OT place-I highly recommend Monterey Park Convalescent.

Galina S.

Yelp Review

Took a tour of the facility and was treated VERY warm and friendly from the minute we scheduled a tour- very easy to work around a good time to come in. The staff there seems very nice and the dietary head was very accommodating of special meal requests. In talking to other family members of patients, it seems their care of patients is very good and everyone seemed to be very happy with the personal attention they had received. Will definitely recommend this facility to all my family and friends.

Tommy M.

Yelp Review

five star overall rating

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